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Epicurians, travellers, art and food lovers, Philippe Boegli and Bertrand Daudey leave northeastern France during the 1990s.
They meet in Aix-en-Provence and passionate about Provence, its history its architecture and its gastronomy. Both wishing to get closer to the Earth and to participate in the promotion of Provençal culinary heritage, in a world where standardisation makes tastes uniform when it doesn’t destroy them, they created the Domaine des Opies in Eyguières, an old village tucked in the southern side of the Alpilles mountains, among spring waters.
The incredible view from the domain on the Opies range, highest point of the Alpilles mountains with an altitude of 498 meters. Nature is a treasure and it’s important to protect it. It has everything in needs in itself. That is why our olive oil production is home-made, 100% natural and purposely modest. Each olive tree is perceived as a living being with which we share things, and each oil has something that makes it different from the others, such as its taste. The Opies’ one.