General terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are an agreement between the company SCEA Les Opies whose headquaters are located in 13100 Aix-en-Provence, with the identification number 798 391 80, named here “SCEA Les Opies”, and any physical or moral person wishing to order via the website of the SCEA Les Opies, named here “the buyer”.

These conditions define the contractual relations between the SCEA Les Opies and the buyer and the applicable conditions for any purchase on the website of the SCEA Les Opies, should the buyer be a professional or not. The purchase of a good or a service on this website involves an acceptation by the buyer of these conditions.
These conditions prevail over any other general or particular conditions not expressly agreed with by the SCEA Les Opies. The SCEA Les Opies gives itself the right to modify the conditions at any time. In this case, the applicable conditions will be the ones in force at the time of order.

Characteristics of proposed good and services
The proposed goods and services are those indicated in the catalogue published on the website of the SCEA Les Opies.
These goods and services are available as long as supplies are available.
Photographs displayed on the website are non biding.

Prices on the catalogue include all taxes, in euros, and VAT in force at the time of order applies. Any chaning of ratr can have consequences on the price of the goods or services.
The SCEA Les Opies give itself the right to change the price at any time, although the only price displayed on the catalogue on the day of the order will be applied.
Displayed prices include management fees but don’t include shipping fares.

The buyer, that wants to purchase a product from the SCEA Les Opies, must:
• Fill in the identification form on which they will indicate all their personal information
• Fill in the online PO indicating all the references of the chosen products
• Validate their order after cheking it
• Pay in accordance with the terms and conditions
• Confirm the order and the payment
By confirming the order, the buyer agrees with the terms and conditions, and the fact that they read them and that no other conditions prevail over these. All of the information given and the saved confirmation will be the proof that the transaction occurred. Confirmation is considered a signature and acceptation of the operations. The seller will send a order confirmation by email.

Any buyer, except moral and professional physical individuals have a 7 day period of withdrawal beginning the day of receipt of the order.
During this period, the buyer, except moral and professional physical individuals , can send the product back to the seller for it to be exchanged of reimbursed without any penalty. Return fees must be paid by the buyer. Only products that can be sold again can be sent back, that is to say object that have not been open. They must be sent back in their package with no damages.
Risks linked to the return of the article (lost of damaged article) must be paid by the client.

Payment terms
The fee must be paid at the time of order.
Payment can be done by credit card or Paypal. Bank information is directly transmitted to the bank operator that manages debit authorizations. The SCEA Les Opies will never have access to this information.
The buyer’s account is automatically debited at the order.
Besides, only the price of the good or services sent will be debited.
If asked by the buyer, a printable electronic invoice will be sent to them.

Deliveries are sent to the address displayed on the purchase order that can only be in the agreed region.
Risks are at the charge of the buyer as soon as the products left the SCEA Les Opies’ building. In case of damages during transportation, the protestation must be sent by three days after delivery.
Delivery times are only an indication. If they last more than 30 days after ordering, the contract can be terminated and the buyer can get their money back.

All products sold by the seller benefit from the legal guarantee indicated in articles 1641 and next of the French Civil code.
In case the sold product is not complying, it can be sent back to the seller that will take it back, exchange it, or refund it.
Any reclamation, exchange or refunding requests must be sent to the folliwing address SCEA Les Opies – 9 allée Claude Forbin – 13100 Aix-en-Provence – France. Shipping time : up to 30 days.

The seller, in the process of online retailing, only act with their means: they are not responsible for internet intrusions leading to data destruction, viruses, cuts or any other problem.

Intellectual property
All components of the website are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of the SCEA Les Opies.
No one is allowed to copy, exploit, send or use components of the website for any purpose, should they be softwares, visuals, audio, without the authorisation of the SCEA Les Opies.

Private data
In compliance with the law related to informatics, files and liberty of 6 January 1978, private and nominative informations about the buyers can be computerised.
Users have a right of access and modification of their information, in compliance with the same law.

Archiving – Proof
SCEA Les Opies will keep PO and invoices on a reliable and lasting support as a true copy in compliance with the article 1348 of the French Civil code.
Computerised registers of the SCEA Les Opies will be considered by the parties as pieces of evidence of communications, orders, payments and transactions between them.

These terms and conditions are in compliance with French law.
In case of litigation, the courts of Marseille will be competent, despite the plurality of the defender or appeal in guarantee.

Shipping fees
Colissimo or carrier, delivery as soon as possible (after payment).
Insurance included in case of loss.