How to recognize the best olive oils?

Picture by Barbara Jackson from Pixabay There’s no shortage of prose on the subject with more or less heightened truth. But few articles are inclined to answer the question precisely and completely, so we decided to give our own version and vision of what defines a quality olive oil.

Is there a link between fat, cancer and olive oil?

A convincing study links fat found in food and almost all frequent cancers. Most information comes from a study on fat consumption in many countries. Those with a higher fat supply are the same with the most numerous breast, prostate and kidney cancers. Even more preoccupying: During the last

Olive and argan oil

Olive and argan oils protect the same way, but olive oil protects better.. The biodisponibility of polyphenols and the antioxidant power of argan oil are analysed and compared to that of olive oil. A high quantity of polyphenols found in argan oil is absorbed by bowel cells. Argan oil,

2014: the year of the catastrophe

Let’s be honest, the 2014 harvest is close to zero. And the Domaine des Opies is no exception. With a production reduced by ten. Although trees were full of olives thanks to a sweet Spring, and even Winter, nature, as if it was telling us not to ask for

Table olives

In Winter, later than for olives grown for oil, begins the harvest of table olives. “Black” olives, loved by those who enjoy thrills, appear on the trees. However, the fruit doesn’t become entirely black but purplish, brown. The beautiful and perfect black colour of some table olives is made

Olive trees in Winter

Winter care for olive trees is a calm care, a rest period with a little bit of worry. Winter is the time of the year when nature takes its rights and during which the only human action is the limitation of the consequences of any excess. The letting go