Les variétés d'Olives


We grow five varieties of olives and we use them as oil as well as table olives. The Berruguette, also named Aglandeau, whose capacity of conservation is an asset for a longer consumption period of the olive oil.

The Grossane is the only variety allowed to have the PDO “black olives of the Baux-de-Provence valley”. This variety is grown in our region and has a very strong taste.

The Picholine du Languedoc is not a typical variety from the Baux-de-Provence Valley PDO, but we grow it as it has a high pollination capacity needed by other varieties. It is grown in the entire Mediterranean zone, and is much appreciated as a table olive.

Coming from Salon de Provence, the Salonenque is essentially grown in the Bouches du Rhône region.
FInally, the Verdale des Bouches-du-Rhône produces few oil. As it is fragile, it must be pressed immediatly after being harvested.