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Table olives

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In Winter, later than for olives grown for oil, begins the harvest of table olives.

Olives et huile

“Black” olives, loved by those who enjoy thrills, appear on the trees. However, the fruit doesn’t become entirely black but purplish, brown. The beautiful and perfect black colour of some table olives is made with chemicals forbidden in France..

On the tree, even in December of January, olives can be green, “green” and purple. And, from one variety to another, colours change, some get black quicker than others. Nature is full of surprises and the art of olive oil comes from the care given to the trees. Table olives are made by a confectioner to enable the gustative pleasure of a textures fruit.

More than that, the confectioner is a true artist, hidden behind the best table olives. They master, after years of experiments and discoveries, the alchemical process needed for the transformation of a raw fruit, made by the randomness of nature. Every confectioner have their own know-how and secret recipes. They take action as soon as the transformation process begins, by choosing olives on the tree, depending on their texture, colour and taste.

Several baths, in water with salt and soda, allow the olive to loose its bitterness and stuff themselves with salt. Measurements, temperatures and the time spent in water depends on a lot of factors such as the climate when the olives are harvested. But you can find on the Internet, for people who like home-made things, very good recipes of table olives, that you can do at home with a bit of patience and attention.



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