These companies that respect their products and taste them – n°1



These companies that respect their products and taste them – n°1 is a retailer which is engaged in quality and offers to its clients organic products, produced locally. With more than 200 selling places located in the South of France, this retailer sells vegetables, fruits, bread, eggs, meat and cheese coming directly from the producers that are the first partners of the company. Packaged products can also be bought there: ready to eat meals, wine, fruit juice, as well as essentials and cosmetics. is a company campaigning for proximity, respect of environment and authentic flavours economy.

La Ferme du Bio is a small farming company, that offers sustainable products. Based in the cross-border region of SarLorLux, the farm offers to its clients food with authentic flavour, with no GMO. The butcher’s shop offers selected meat: pork, beef, lamb, veal, and poultry. All the animals are fed with no GMO and looked after with homeopathy. In isothermal and vacuum packages, the products are quickly delivered to guarantee their freshness.
Link is a particular online shop selling unusual bottles of wine. It’s not only about the prestige of the estate, it is also about author wines and products coming from terroirs full of history. When you buy a bottle there, you can be sure it is unique, sometimes not complying with standards, with a strong character. The unusual mix of grape varieties is one of the assets of, but the wines are also eco-aware in all steps of production. 100% natural wine lovers will be happy, as the website proposes the largest range of sulphite-free wines on the Internet.
Link: is the website of the Meilhan farm, a small family company in the Gers region, specialising in the production of foie gras and other products made of duck and goose. The different steps of the livestock farming and the transformation respect the tradition of the South West of France (Gascogne), offering a real authenticity to the clients. Foie gras, preserved meat, pâté and cassoulet lovers can order online. Conditioning in jars is rustic while guaranteeing the freshness of the food. To ensure the quality of the meat, geese and ducks are fed with cereals grown on site.