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Coeur de fruit (Fruit heart) mixes the following varieties : Aglandau, Salonenque, Grossane, Verdale des Bouches-du-Rhône and Picholine.

With its balanced, green and sweet taste, Coeur de Fruit stands out by its poor bitterness and its mastered strong flavour. It goes very well with goat or sheep’s cheese, white fishes, pasta al dente and vegetables in salads and soupes.

•100% natural olive oil with no treatment.
•Harvested between October and November.
•Pressed in the mill between 24 and 48 hours after being harvested
•Decanted but not filtered.
•Conservation: Stainless storage tank with no addition.

Organoleptic and chemical analysis

•Main flavours (PDO sensory analysis): Apple, hazelnut, leaf, tomato.
•Median bitterness: 1/10
•Median Ardence : 1/10
•Acidity level:0.54
•Peroxide value: 10.2 meq/kg

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