Nature et Progrès


Although some organic labels arouse doubts today, because they are in direct relation with an economic logic that contradicts the ecology, Nature et Progrès get into a different position and it changes everything…
Financial stakes are approving structures, demanding particular interests, to the detriment of the community and they make the consumer doubt. What are the real guarantees of organic qualities of products that are certified by an organic label? Who guarantees what, and for which interests? Earn money of make sure a product is authentic? With all this doubts, the entire organic industry is sometimes questioned, to the detriment of growers concerned about their production and its quality.
It is not simply a label. “Nature et Progrès” is a federation of associations looking for real solutions, made for the economic reality, for the development of organic farming while respecting everything that is living.
For them, the human being is at the heart of nature. Created in 1964, the federation “Nature et Progrès” now gathers together around thirty local groups, ensuring the presence of its key players in their environment. Founded on participative governing and functioning, independently from the will of a unique structure et its economic interests, “Nature et Progrès” guarantees the value of its certification. Local associations gather together consumers and professionals in an approach of labelling. All are united by a common charter that includes ecological, sociological and economical goals. Thus, it is more than a normative structure that wishes to certify the membership to a rule, the labelling becomes the opportunity for farmers to adapt to the reality of local economy in a common wish for progress.
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